Diversity, Educational Equity, Social Justice and Corporate Social Responsibility are the foundation on which all GPS innovative strategies are built. Take a look...


With over 20+ years in managing public speakers and other talent, GPS Speakers & Events, LLC was founded on the backbone of this core service. From philosophers to scientists, educators to media moguls, business magnates to entertainment celebs, GPS has represented and partnered with today's most influential talent seeking to create a better, brighter tomorrow. 

While our team loves working with talent, our booking services are centered around the client (that is...the event producer and/or talent buyer). Our "buyer-centric" model allows us to perform deep dives into the client's mission and goals to discover what message their audience needs the most. We make it our duty to facilitate the selection of the talent that will best fill that need.

Most importantly, our relationship is not just a transaction. We show up day-of to provide additional support where needed.   


Do you smell smoke? That just might be your hair on fire...logistically speaking. While that statement is all in good jest, GPS realizes how cumbersome the event planning process can be for producers and organizers. We also know that, for independent public speakers, managing travel and other event logistics can be a nightmare. Don't sound the alarm yet. We have a competent team that loves putting out fires.

For producers, we prefer to strategically partner with your team at the inception and ideation phase; however, GPS is ready to jump in at any stage of planning to help prevent the proverbial nightmare to pull of the dream event specifically catered to your audience.

And speakers...we love you too! Call today and ask us how we can help the booking, planning and day-of-event processes run much more smoothly for you.

Interested in partnering with GPS to help you to navigate the way?