Every Speaker.

Always Connected.

Every Event.

There is no authoritative platform in the public speaking industry where fans can track and receive event notifications about their favorite public figures.

  • Meaningful Experiences Missed

For fans & followers

For Speakers & talent

There is a lack of industry data available to make crucial decisions. And speakers are missing a critical point of connectivity to their fan bases.

  • Revenue Loss

You name it...from attendance deficits to the absence of a go-to talent vetting resource...the pain points for buyers and planners are acute.

  • Process Inefficencies & Wasted Budget

For Buyers & Planners

For Bureaus & Agencies

There is no go-to platform bridging community and commerce. 

  • Missed Opportunities & Revenue Loss   

After spending a collective 20+ years in the public speaking and events industries, co-founders James Artis and Jeremy Berry realized that there is one major pain-point for the fans of public speakers that no one had created a comprehensive solution for.


James and Jeremy realized that addressing the fans' pain-point would have sweeping benefits for the entire industry.

The ultimate solution is LECTORLY...the first inudstry specific, connected community of public speakers, fans and event producers! With LECTORLY, everyone is always connected to every speaker and every event! Here's how it works...

$115B - $150B

Global Events Industry

$600M - $1.5B

Public Speaker


$6M - $15M

Our 5-Year Goal

1% Total

Speaker Rev