Global Perspective Speakers & Events, LLC is a premiere international consulting firm focusing on innovative strategies for the public speaking industry. Our primary clients are event producers and talent buyers searching for mid to high-level talent with topical relevance and audience relatability.
GPS helps to successfully navigate live-appearance agreements for our clients while alleviating the migraines associated with the booking and logistical planning processes. We know all of the headaches you deal with, and we know that aspirin and a dark room just won't get the job done!
We find joy in bringing the most-needed messages and experiences to the audiences that need them the most. With that mantra in mind, we have an unyielding interest in education, social justice and social responsibility. We're not just here to broker deals. We're here to spur meaningful
conversations and effect sustainable change in our communities and in the world.
People Are Talking About GPS...​

"In recognition of your gracious service at Diversity Forum 2017, we recognize you as an Honorary Faculty Member. We loved getting to know you this past weekend and greatly appreciate all the work you did facilitating the event."

Devereaux McClatchey - President - Carney Sandoe & Associates

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"We are still a buzz here at GSEP - basking in the glow of a wonderful evening.  I personally had an amazing time. Thank you for creating a working partnership that set the groundwork for all of us to do and be our best!"

Vanessa Jahn - Cultural Attache - Pepperdine University Graduate School of Education & Psychology

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